A Royal Mess

Hi Ladies, I hope that all of you are enjoying the beginning of our journey through the book of Esther. I pray that all of us will hang in there for this ride with its many twists and turns.

As we delve into week 2, I was struck by Beth’s statement in Day 3: ”One of God’s purposes in this journey is to help us recapture both our identity and identification as His children-not so we can be obnoxious but so we can be influential.”

Personally, I have struggled with finding the balance between being an “in-your-face Christian” and “a secret-agent for Christ.” Without a balance between the two, I have felt ”obnoxious instead of influential”.
What’s your view on being influential for Christ ? Do you side towards being a “CIA Christian” or a “Bumper-sticker Believer” ? How do you find the balance ?


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