A Contest for a Queen

Hi Ladies, I was encouraged by your willingness to “dig deep” in our session last week and fearlessly reveal your struggles in this “mean world”.

In this week’s lesson, I was both strengthened and empowered by Beth’s challenge in Day 1 when she writes, “We can’t just depend on a good mood to get us through…we need more than a mood. We need a mindset.”

This truth challenged me as I was tempted to give into the “mood” that accompanies dreary weather. Likewise, with a “storm” in my life this week, I was faced with the decision to choose “mindset over mood.”

In what ways do you battle “mood vs. mindset ?”  What strategies can you implement this week to ensure that mindset wins ?


I echo Beth’s prayer for all of you this week-
May God be allowed to work such steadfastness of mind in you that ‘the bolts of your gates will be iron and bronze, and your strength will equal your days’ ” ~Deut. 33:25


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