If You Remain Silent

Happy Saturday !
What a wonderful time of fellowship we enjoyed Thursday evening sharing our ‘giant-sized weight’ stories. I know that your perseverance in our study is already reaping eternal blessings.

In our lesson this week, Beth writes, “Esther’s superficial life was about to be shattered, and a woman much deeper than her skin was about to be unearthed. If we’re blessed, the same will happen to each of us.”

I have found personally that this ’shattering’ of different spheres of my life is what God has used the most to transform my ‘broken pieces’ into a masterpiece that truly reflects His glory. Only when we allow the ’shattering’ to occur is when God can begin the deeper work of healing, restoration and transformation.

Where in your life is God ’shattering’ you ? How will you surrender to Him this week and allow His process to bring divine transformation ?


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