Where is the Man?

Hi Ladies, Does it feel like we missed more than one session in the week we were away ? Missing this study is like missing an episode of your favorite show… We have some catching up to do ! Speaking of getting caught up, if you haven’t looked at the study, take some time to do so– it’s by far the most dramatic part of the story with much application to our lives.

On Day One, Beth poses the question, “Why can’t we be truthful? ” She remarks, “I started thinking how imprisoned we are by our unwillingness to tell the truth about ourselves. To just be honest. Authentic. I’m talking about simply being truthful about where we’ve come from…and where we hope we’re going.”

Most recently, I have realized that I am imprisoned by what others may say or how I will be judged for my story. I am learning, however, that my authenticity is directly linked to God’s power to touch others through my story. As Beth writes, ” Sometimes you simply decide that people are worth telling on yourself.” Further, our truthfulness also allows God to  confirm His sovereign purpose as well as lead us to “where we are going”.

What struggles do you face with authenticity ? How will you rely on God this week to cultivate your authenticity in order to better reach others ?


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