The Right to be Ready

Hi Ladies,  Somehow we are in the final weeks of our study ! I so appreciate your perseverance and I hope that last week’s session proved fruitful as you learned practical ways to “turn it around.” Be sure to get to Day 5 of this week to work on the personal “turn it around” exercise.

Thanks for your transparency and willingness to sincerely share your struggles with one another.  Beth addresses these struggles in Day 3 when she writes, “Some of us with little previous battle experience have no idea why God is allowing us to go through such difficult times in a place we thought was His will. He’s trying to make warriors out of us, Girlfriend ! Rise to the occasion!…You and I have the God given right to lock arms with our sisters and brothers in Christ and defend ourselves with the sword of the Spirit and the shield of faith.” And the best part, as Beth says, is “when we do, we are guaranteed the victory.”

I never considered myself a warrior when I answered the call to serve God. But somehow, through the darkest moments of my life, I found myself taking up the “Sword of the Spirit” by recalling Scriptures which filled me with peace. I began to count on God’s promises when I had literally nothing else and in doing so took up my “Shield of Faith.”

Did my life then have a “happy ending ?” Were all my prayers answered ? — No. But, as I began to pick myself up I found that along with the battle scars, my faith was amazingly stronger. I believed God more. I had a deeper desire to share Him with others. And most importantly, I had come to know God more personally. That, my sisters, is what I believe having victory in Christ looks like.  And yes, by God’s strength and His grace alone, I know I am His warrior. My prayer is that you would allow God to use your battles to transform you into the warriors you were intended to be.

What battle(s) are you facing this week ? How will you take up the Sword of the Spirit and wield your Shield of Faith as you face spiritual battles this week ? Will you rely on Him to perservere and transform you into His warrior ?


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