The Tables Turned

Hi Ladies, It is with bittersweet emotion that I write our final blog of the study. I am so overjoyed to have had the pleasure to get to know all of you in our journey through the book of Esther. Though I am sad that we must say goodbye for now, I rejoice knowing that God has better equipped us for the journey ahead.

In Day 2 Beth writes, “You’re still standing, aren’t you ? Instead of falling apart, your lines are starting to fall together. Piece by piece… Once you wrap your mind around the favor God has had on you and the richness of your portion He assigned to you even through disaster, you can’t help but share your portion with others.”

14 months ago, during my first Esther study, I wrote my final thoughts on page 216, “I must not question, fear or worry, for He holds it all together working for the good and for His glory.” At that time, many pieces of my life were shattered around me. 14 months later, I have seen how those words I penned in faith have now begun to reveal more of His plan. My awareness of my “richness” fostered my desire to share it with others, and that is how we embarked on this study. My sisters, never underestimate how God can use your obedience to transform the lives of others. As Beth writes, “We had better grab us some wrapping paper..We’ve got some gifts to give.”

How about you ? How will you use the spiritual gifts you received in this study to enrich the lives of others this holiday season and in the New Year ?


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