“Living Beyond Yourself”

Hello Ladies,

What a joy to begin another study with all of you Thursday evening ! For those of you who missed our kick-off night, our guest speaker Karen Covell spoke on the topic of “Living Beyond Yourself.” She posed two scenarios in which we are called to “live beyond ourselves.”

1) The first entails situations in which we are faced with “impossible obstacles” and have the choice to trust God’s hand at work in our lives. From our fall HPN study,  we learned how an orphaned, Jewish girl, facing impossible obstacles, surrendered herself to God and victoriously won the king’s favor.

2) The second involves times when “extraordinary circumstances” impose upon us a crisis of faith in which we are again faced with a choice.  Also from our study, I was reminded of Esther’s crisis of faith in which she ultimately decided to risk her life, saying in Esther 4:16, “If I perish, I perish.”

In both scenarios, surrendering impossible circumstances and obstacles to the Sovereign Lord causes us to “live beyond ourselves.”

During these times in my life, I have found that the one eternal source of strength comes from His word, which infuses me with courage and hope to make the choice to surrender fully to His will.

How about you ?

In what circumstances have you “lived beyond yourself ?”

How can the promises of God’s word infuse you with strength this week to make the choice to surrender fully to His will ?


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