Free At Last

Hi Girls,

Sure hope you have been taking advantage of opportunities this week to “Pour Out, Pour In, and Pour Forth” as we learned in last week’s session. This phrase reminds of the song I used to sing as a young girl, I’m a Little Teapot. The refrain of the song states, “tip me over and pour me out” which is indicative of our lives– what gets “poured in” is what gets “poured forth.” My prayer is that your study has been “pouring in” more of the Spirit this past week.

In Day 5 of our study this week Beth writes, “Surrender must be a daily choice. We can be spiritual one day and not the next…one morning and not that night…If we are going to live as a spiritual [woman], it will result from a deliberate, conscious surrender to the Holy Spirit of God.”

These ups and downs that Beth describes reminds me of the occasional times that my life feels like an exhausting roller-coaster. I have found however, that daily study in His word keeps me grounded in the midst of “out of control” circumstances. Further, allowing God’s word to “pour in” into my heart and mind helps maintain more of a balanced and focused life, which is refreshing rather than exhausting.

How about you ? What areas of your life do you feel are out of control ? When will you take time this week to “pour in” so that you can properly “pour forth ” ?


One Reply to “Free At Last”

  1. Yeesh. What are of my life don’t I need the control of the Holy Spirit? I know God is helping get through this study, because I was living an out of control life – as a employee, wife, and a Christian. I needed his drenching love and Spirit to take over because I was living in the flesh, and I was doing a great job at ignoring the Spirit completely. But our God is good, and he stretches and teaches me each day, that I don’t have to be perfect – I have to be led.

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