To Live By the Spirit

Hi Ladies,

What a stimulating time of discussion we had last week as we examined what we are living “by” and “for.” I hope you are learning much about what it means to “live by the spirit” instead of our usual temptations.

As we dive into exploring love as the first fruit of the Spirit, Beth writes, “If we allow God to exercise agape through us, no matter how it appears, no matter what happens–whether the work of agape is in us as the giver, in others as the receivers, or both–it will never be in vain … Agape is always effective! ”

I know for me attempting to agape people in my own strength is exhausting and fruitless. Asking for God’s unconditional love and spirit to flow through me has revolutionalized the way I view and love others. I no longer have to rely on my own resources to love, and drawing from the eternal source assures me it will never be in vain.

What about you ? Who is God calling you to agape this week ? How will you rely on the Spirit instead of yourself to infuse you with His effective love?


One Reply to “To Live By the Spirit”

  1. There isn’t one specific person God’s calling me to “agape” but just to change my attitude in general. Asking the Holy Spirit to help me exercise every fruit of the spirit. It helps me to be happier because I give people grace rather than getting upset with them when they’ve rubbed me the wrong way or disappointed me. That can only be done with God’s help.

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