Greatest of These is Love

Hi Ladies,

I know we are still mediating on that deep message we heard from Beth last week on love. What most impacted me was the statement, “By being called to love, we risk rejection.” I am praying that God’s spirit has empowered you to risk loving and agaping others this week.

As we dive into joy, Beth writes in Day 2 about the hidden treasure of joy, “Chara is the supernatural result which flows from the glorious discovery of our Lord and Savior in every circumstance where we wish to find Him.”

I know that for me I have discovered His joy in unexpected times and places–in hospitals, at funerals and even in the midst of difficulties in my life. He has taught me that one of the keys to discovering joy then was to have an attitude of expectancy–of waiting in faith for His joy. The result was a renewed sense of His presence, purpose and power.

How about you ? In what circumstance this week is God wanting you to discover His hidden joy ? Will you welcome it with an attitude of expectancy?


One Reply to “Greatest of These is Love”

  1. Well, I am finally getting the picture that even though I thought it seemed easy, JOY is completely supernatural. My name always gives people an expectancy, and sometimes I let them down. I hope that in the coming weeks God will show me how to have true joy. Now that I understand that joy is also active. It’s stopping to look up from your circumstances to a power and wonderful God, who holds absolutely everything in His hand. When we realize that He is there, and He is our Father, we can tap into the fountain of true joy. So that’s what I want to experience especially during this time of unemployment, when things are more stressful and tight. So that’s my version, I need to keep looking up, looking into his word and so forth.

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