A Composite of Peculiar Patience

Hi Ladies, What a fascinating discussion time we had last week. I pray that God is continuing to show you how having a forgiving heart breeds patience!

In this week’s lesson, Beth explores both fruits of kindness and goodness. In Day 3 she writes, “Christ appeared to those who needed Him most: a mourner, a doubter, and a mocker.  And out of His tenderness came belief.” During trials,  I have learned to share my heart with Him and have encountered a Christ who is tender-hearted and knows just how I feel. Experiencing God’s kindness and goodness has led to my strengthened belief in “El Shaddai” ~The Father of Sufficiency.

How about you ? What is the condition of your heart ? How will you approach Him this week knowing He will overflow you with His kindness and goodness?

2 Replies to “A Composite of Peculiar Patience”

  1. What really touched me the most was that God knew his Son, loved Him, even before the creation of the Earth – wow. And, that he heard Hagar crying for her child. She put him under a bush so wild animals could not get him, and hearing his cries, waited…..God intervened, and comforted her with such kindness and encouragement, even though, as a Father, He knew he would lose His own son. I can’t imagine such heartbreak that a parent has for for a child at the thought of loss. God’s love is almost beyond comprehension…..to suffer for a child who suffers.

  2. How nice it is to know that God is a a God of kindness and he knows who we feel. He can totally tell us, “Tough! You need to get over yourself, or change.” However, he decides to work with us, even holding our arms as we learn to walk in our new bodies. I have learn that it is ok, to tell God exactly how I feel (He already knows). Once I can admit to him my true feelings, I can learn how I can mature in him and he comforts us. My heart is continually changing towards God. I always saw Him as too big to really care, but through out the whole Bible, He is kind enough – so much so that His Son carries the very same traits He does, Amen!

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