The Kindness and Goodness of God

Hello Ladies,

Hope our session last week on “Goodness does” made an impact on your life as it did mine. One of our ladies, Anne Mount has a daughter living close to Joplin, Mo. where the tragedy of the tornadoes struck. She mentioned that one way we can partner with the recovery effort is through Samaritan’s Purse, an organization that practically helps crisis victims around the world. View this video to join the effort to “Do good”:

Samaritans Purse

In this week’s lesson on faith, Beth writes, “Beloved, the verypistis of Christ, Himself, is in you by way of His blessed Spirit. The supernatural capacity to believe God is immediately activated the moment we are filled with the Holy Spirit.” I know that at difficult times I have struggled for the faith to believe God. Accessing that faith by surrendering to the Spirit has freed me to supernaturally believe God in ways I never imagined.

Now it’s your turn. Where are you struggling to believe God? How can you surrender this week to His spirit to infuse you with “supernatural faith” ?


One Reply to “The Kindness and Goodness of God”

  1. Hi,
    I’m living in Indianapolis IN and trying to follow along with the study although I started very late. I really liked this post though and look forward to getting to this point in the study. It’s funny though, God has really been speaking to me about this issue of faith, hope, and how to love others in the world we live in that hates Christians. After all the thinking I’ve been doing I keep having to praise God for His goodness and Love amidst this dark world.

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