Keep Believin’

Hello Ladies, Though I missed many of you last week I was excited to participate with the rest in one of the most engaging discussions we’ve had thus far on the issue of faith. The question we discussed was “Is your faith defined by what God does or who God is ? ” My prayer is that this study has grown your faith based on the latter.

In this week’s study on Gentleness Beth writes, ” To miss God’s word in our circumstances is to miss God. To miss God is to miss the point.” In my life, I have found that God speaks as loudly in the difficult circumstances as He does daily. Facing crisis simply heightened my attention and helped me tune my ears into His voice. I have since prayed to hear Him in every circumstance so I do not miss His guidance.

What about you ? In what current circumstance is God wanting to teach you something ? Will you pray to have a teachable heart so you don’t “miss the point” ?


One Reply to “Keep Believin’”

  1. It’s so funny how God really does tie things together when he wants you to learn something. He was just showing me this week that I need to learn how to learn. I can listen and I can take notes, but then I don’t actually apply anything. I am like that man who James says, looks in the mirror, walks away and forgets what he even looks like! That has always been a tough one for me to have a teachable spirit, because I think if I am going through the motions of what looks like learning then I should learn, right? However, I am finding the more I reach into his word and ask Him for understanding, the more I get out of it. I wish all my teachers could teach like God does.

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