The Crucible of Self-Control

Hello Ladies, What a quick journey we have had together !

Along with Beth, my desire was that this study contain practical principles that would not just “change our lives but would change our days.” As we move forward, I pray that you will continue to allow the Holy Spirit to give you His daily transfusion of the fruit of the Spirit.

Throughout our study we have had a myriad of practical principles and these are my most memorable:

~We must “pour out” (confession) in order to “pour in” (filling of Spirit) in order to “pour forth” (fruit of Spirit)

~Part of maturity is ceasing to equate “hard” with “bad”

~God allows rejection in order to lead to reconciliation

~We were destined for royalty

~Peace comes with the authority, not the answer

~Convenience never produces character

~We each have a “To Do” list written in God’s handwriting

~Always associate “through” with faith

~Our scars are for somebody else to touch

~The Holy Spirit wants to be comfortable in my skin

Now it’s your turn. Take the time for a review of your personal study.  Looking back, which principles were most memorable for you? How will you begin to apply these as we go forth ?


One Reply to “The Crucible of Self-Control”

  1. I think a couple that really struck me the most were: God does not let something happen to you if He cannot get glory from it. Also, knowing that Christ himself, is the King of Peace – He is our only true source. I have to learn each day that no matter what the day brings, if I am not connected with Christ, I cannot really gain peace through any situation. Also, I have always had a hard time with the apologetic questions of “Why do bad things happen to good people.” Knowing that God, no matter what wants to get glory even through the bad, and bringing us through it, helps me understand that a little more. I know that He knows pain more than any one on this planet, and he wants to bring healing and restoration from it, so that he can still get the glory.

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