The Works of God

“So will my word be which goes forth from my mouth; it will not return to me empty, without accomplishing what I desire, and without succeeding for the matter for which I sent it.” Isaiah 55:11

How timely it is that we had the privilege of celebrating Easter the same week we are studying the works of God. On Easter we celebrate the greatest work of God in the sacrifice of His son in order to provide for us an “abundant pardon.”

In Day Three of our lesson we are reminded that as believers  we sometimes experience God “dropping a boulder” on our lives. McDonald defines a boulder as, “Some crushing personal experience that obliterates pride and independence from God” (87). Your leaders have both experienced “boulders” which brought about a new experience of God’s forgiveness in a “profound and life-altering way.”

“In 2004, as a high school senior,  after years of dreaming of moving to LA to pursue my dreams as an actor, God dropped a boulder on my life. That same year, I failed to graduate, my parents announced that they were divorcing after 13 years of marriage and I was forced to move in with a friend. My world was completely rocked as I was faced with the reality that I had no plan for my future. I realize now that God brought about this “boulder” in order to destroy the superficial things I was clinging to in order to begin building a strong and lasting foundation in my life. It was on the heels of this crisis that God revealed again His plan for my future which entailed answering his call to ministry. ” -Kevin

“In 2008, having moved to Los Angeles with my family to answer a call to minister in Hollywood, God dropped a “boulder” on my life. My husband of 15 years filed for divorce, I discovered our home was on the verge of foreclosure, and having just had my third child, I was jobless. My whole life, which had been based on making all the right choices, was shattered. I realize now that God brought about this boulder to reshape my view of Him and His true purpose for my life. It was in this crisis of faith that I learned that we have the choice to use our difficult circumstances for His glory.” -Kathy

What “boulder” has God dropped in your life?

How have your allowed God to use this experience to bring about a “profound and life-altering” change?


2 Replies to “The Works of God”

  1. I too came out to Hollywood to pursue my dream as well. Although I got saved at age 5 I was running the complete opposite direction of God. After a pattern of being hospitalized for alcohol and drugs, 10 staples in my head and broken teeth from a abusive boyfriend, getting evicted from my apartment, losing my driving privileges, jobs and friendships all due to my alcoholism made that dream impossible. I was hanging on for dear life. I could go to the grave or I could go to Jesus. 3 months God dramatically changed my life, changed me,and blessed me with the start of my dream. I don’t know how much of a “boulder” was dropped on my life by God as much as I think I dropped it on myself! But God is faithful and still used it to draw me closer to him. If I didn’t have so much darkness and pain, I never would have turned my entire life over to him…for real this time.

  2. My freshman year of college I was struggling to find myself, struggling to make friends, and trying to understand who God was. Then one of my friends was killed by a drunk driver who was driving on the wrong side of the freeway. Instead of running toward God I ran away. I truly felt like trials should only come from God when we are truly prepared for them, despite the fact it says that we would. I felt that I was not a “good” enough Christian to trust God through the mourning, because I was completely blindsided. He let me wander and struggle through four years of college. I made shaky friendships that were surrounded by going out and drinking. I went to parties with the football players, I skipped classes, and I broke rules– All at a CHRISTIAN UNIVERSITY. Then my senior year he surrounded me with women who loved me and loved God. Through that nurturing process I found healing and strength. I realized that God is not a bad God, and even though I may never know why He took her from this earth, He still is GOD. This is when I learned God moves through tough circumstances even when we don’t understand why we are going through them. He still works in our lives despite our disobedience. I praise Him for that!

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