“The Lord is close to the broken-hearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.”~ Psalm 34:18


At our Fall Hope4Hollywood Ladies Tea: Stories of Faith, Veronica Garcia shared how God grew her faith in the midst of struggles with a broken heart. Here is an excerpt from her testimony:

“I turned the big 30 this year and I told myself I wanted to do things I’ve never done before. I’d been single for 10 years, which is crazy to believe but that’s how long I prayed to God that I didn’t want another break-up and broken heart and would just prefer to wait for my next boyfriend, my husband-to-be. It wasn’t until February this year that I ended up meeting online a really awesome and sweet guy. According to his profile, he was a follower of Christ and we shared a common love of music, art, the outdoors and food! He did the right things that impressed me right away by calling me, pursuing me and even taking me out on a proper date. Soon after, just two months into our relationship, my boyfriend broke up with me. This was a very hard hit because from the way things were going, I really believed it was heading for a possibility of marriage some day and he had expressed those things as well. So I was left feeling really confused, angry, hurt and crushed.

I started taking morning walks by myself and during those, God and I had many conversations. I kept asking, “Why did this have to happen? Why did I even start dating? Why did you bring him into my life to end this way?” I was tempted to carry the label ‘unwanted’ with me but I knew this was a huge lie from the enemy. A lot of mornings I felt like God wanted me to pour out my heart and my questions while I remained silent. Some mornings I just walked and played worship songs. I wanted to let those words wash over me and position me back in a posture of worship. One afternoon, I listened to a song that so intimately spoke to me as the words felt so familiar to my situation:

Tell Your Heart to Beat Again
by Danny Gokey


You’re shattered like you’ve never been before, the life you knew, in a thousand pieces on the floor.
And words fall short in times like these, when this world drives you to your knees.
You think you’re never gonna get back, to the you that used to be.
Tell your heart to beat again, close your eyes and breathe it in.
Let the shadows fall away, step into the light of grace.  


Then I started hearing God, not answering the why questions but just telling me to open my eyes and see what He would do around me. I felt God tell me that it was finally time to come out of my pit of sorrow and start proclaiming life back to my heart, my mind and my soul.”

Where is your heart breaking today?

How can you ask God to help you heal your broken heart?

Devotional Contributor: Veronica Garcia  https://veronicagsuazo.wordpress.com



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  1. This is beautiful. Thank you for being so honest Veronica. This experience happens to all of us and yet we don’t often talk about it, so we feel so alone. I know you are encouraging others to seek Jesus in the midst of sorrow and see how He fills up our hearts. You are going to find the most AWESOME husband some day SOON and I can’t wait to celebrate with you!

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