To Live By the Spirit

Hi Ladies,

What a stimulating time of discussion we had last week as we examined what we are living “by” and “for.” I hope you are learning much about what it means to “live by the spirit” instead of our usual temptations.

As we dive into exploring love as the first fruit of the Spirit, Beth writes, “If we allow God to exercise agape through us, no matter how it appears, no matter what happens–whether the work of agape is in us as the giver, in others as the receivers, or both–it will never be in vain … Agape is always effective! ”

I know for me attempting to agape people in my own strength is exhausting and fruitless. Asking for God’s unconditional love and spirit to flow through me has revolutionalized the way I view and love others. I no longer have to rely on my own resources to love, and drawing from the eternal source assures me it will never be in vain.

What about you ? Who is God calling you to agape this week ? How will you rely on the Spirit instead of yourself to infuse you with His effective love?

Free At Last

Hi Girls,

Sure hope you have been taking advantage of opportunities this week to “Pour Out, Pour In, and Pour Forth” as we learned in last week’s session. This phrase reminds of the song I used to sing as a young girl, I’m a Little Teapot. The refrain of the song states, “tip me over and pour me out” which is indicative of our lives– what gets “poured in” is what gets “poured forth.” My prayer is that your study has been “pouring in” more of the Spirit this past week.

In Day 5 of our study this week Beth writes, “Surrender must be a daily choice. We can be spiritual one day and not the next…one morning and not that night…If we are going to live as a spiritual [woman], it will result from a deliberate, conscious surrender to the Holy Spirit of God.”

These ups and downs that Beth describes reminds me of the occasional times that my life feels like an exhausting roller-coaster. I have found however, that daily study in His word keeps me grounded in the midst of “out of control” circumstances. Further, allowing God’s word to “pour in” into my heart and mind helps maintain more of a balanced and focused life, which is refreshing rather than exhausting.

How about you ? What areas of your life do you feel are out of control ? When will you take time this week to “pour in” so that you can properly “pour forth ” ?

Introductory Session

Hello Ladies,

How did you enjoy last week’s powerful introductory session? Thank you for our fellowship and refreshing time in the word. One principle which stayed with me was, “The filling and subsequent fruit of the Spirit won’t just change my life. It will change my day.” This week my prayer has been that this study will have a daily impact on all of your lives.

In Day One of this week Beth writes, “The gift of influence … at its bestteaches, nurtures, encourages, exhorts, evangelizes and disciples. At worst, it cripples and kills. The line between influence and manipulation is extremely fine … we need to think before we speak and act.” As women we can wield our influence powerfully, but as Beth notes, “only a Spirit-filled woman can wield that influence effectively.”

In the last few years, I have become more aware of the power of my influence.  In an instant, my words can serve to encourage or discourage, to build or tear down. I have learned that one of the only ways to use my influence properly is to surrender to the authority of the Spirit. When I surrender to His influence, His life-giving words speak in and through me.

Now it’s your turn.  In what ways do you influence others ? How can you submit to God’s authority this week in order to influence others for an eternal good ?

“Living Beyond Yourself”

Hello Ladies,

What a joy to begin another study with all of you Thursday evening ! For those of you who missed our kick-off night, our guest speaker Karen Covell spoke on the topic of “Living Beyond Yourself.” She posed two scenarios in which we are called to “live beyond ourselves.”

1) The first entails situations in which we are faced with “impossible obstacles” and have the choice to trust God’s hand at work in our lives. From our fall HPN study,  we learned how an orphaned, Jewish girl, facing impossible obstacles, surrendered herself to God and victoriously won the king’s favor.

2) The second involves times when “extraordinary circumstances” impose upon us a crisis of faith in which we are again faced with a choice.  Also from our study, I was reminded of Esther’s crisis of faith in which she ultimately decided to risk her life, saying in Esther 4:16, “If I perish, I perish.”

In both scenarios, surrendering impossible circumstances and obstacles to the Sovereign Lord causes us to “live beyond ourselves.”

During these times in my life, I have found that the one eternal source of strength comes from His word, which infuses me with courage and hope to make the choice to surrender fully to His will.

How about you ?

In what circumstances have you “lived beyond yourself ?”

How can the promises of God’s word infuse you with strength this week to make the choice to surrender fully to His will ?

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